Cryptocurrencies are digital tokens that are built on blockchain technology. They can be used as a store of value as well as an alternative means of transacting for goods and services. There are thousands of tokens on different blockchains, each of them serving a different purpose. As well, there are many different wallets and wallet types that can be used to store your currency.

What We do

Our goal at Liberty Lives is to equip individuals with the knowledge of using cryptocurrency in a private and secure manner. We offer one-on-one or group lessons where we discuss how to use, purchase, and store cryptocurrency to best suit your needs. To truly use cryptocurrency in a private manner, we recommend that individuals also use privacy technologies.






Precious Metals

Another popular store of value/alternative currency is precious metals. Metals hold an intrinsic value based on their contents and supply and demand. In a similar manner to cryptocurrency, we offer lessons on how to procure and use precious metals as a means of tender. 


There are other, sometimes more complicated, alternative currencies or means of exchange. The simplest of these is bartering. With bartering, we go back to basics. Though there is some difficulty in this regard, it is still a useful tool in the arsenal and we are happy to discuss practical bartering as part of a consultation.

More complicated currencies come in the form of community currencies. These currencies are created by a community of people that wish to establish their own means of exchanging with individuals that they are in contact with. If individuals have interest in pursuing these currencies and require assistance, we can offer assistance to build whatever currency you desire in the best and most practical manner.