Privacy Technology

Privacy technology is an integral service offered by Liberty Lives. Privacy (especially in modern times) is a rare and precious commodity. The largest areas that restrict our privacy is the internet and telecommunication. Every aspect of an individual’s life can be collated and curated by AI through the internet. There is no need to be overly pessimistic, however, as there are solutions that can be implemented to improve you privacy and anonymity.


Leave Microsoft/ APple Behind 

If you are like most individuals, you purchased a computer that either runs Windows or Mac Os and probably have concerns about your privacy.  





linux to the rescue

The best solution to this problem is to install a Linux distribution. There are hundreds of distributions to choose from; some are more user friendly than others. 




What we do

We assess your needs to determine what Linux distribution would be best for your technical prowess. We provide comprehensive consultations where we discuss your best approach to using Linux. We also discuss if dual booting (having Windows/Mac and Linux simultaneously) is the best option for your situation.


  SAme Issues, Different Devices

Like a computer, a default phone has Google’s Android or IOS installed. If you have privacy concerns with these platforms we have practical alternatives available.

   Degoogled phones, Please save me

For most people, a degoogled phone is the solution. These phones have an open source operating system loaded onto them. These operating systems are built with privacy in mind. 

  Let us help

As with computers, we offer comprehensive consultations to help address the needs of each individual. As part of the services, we offer degoogled phones and suggest means of circumventing some of the tracking that comes as a result of having a SIM card. The phones we sell come with privacy-centric apps pre-installed. 

Faraday Bags

Faraday bags are yet another tool in the arsenal of privacy and health conscious individuals. These are travel bags that you place your devices into while travelling; they prevent signals from being emitted or received by the device. This disrupts the constant tracking that naturally occurs from having a SIM card. As an added benefit, they also reduce the radiation you experience from the given device. 

At Liberty Lives, we sell high quality Faraday bags that are made in the United States. Please reach out to us for cellphone and computer bags.

Internet USe

One of the challenges of modern times is knowing how to surf the web in a private manner. Most individuals are brought up to use specific resources that are not secure or private. With Liberty Lives, you will learn what you can do to better preserve your privacy and to reduce data leakage.


browsers and search engines

Accessing the Internet requires a browser and search engine. Commonly used browsers include Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge; commonly used search engines are Google and Bing. There are better browsers and search engines that help preserve your privacy and online anonymity. 


Social Media and online presence 

Most people have some form of social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or others where they share personal information. Even individuals that do not share much about themselves risk exposing personal information based on what they like and share.  Similar issues may arise with respect to email providers regarding privacy. It is important for individuals to understand the dos and don’ts of their online presence to ensure that their private information is protected.


virtual private networks and vpn routers

One integral component to preserving online privacy is a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs mask an individual’s IP address, making data collection far more difficult. However, not all VPNs are created equal. It is important that the VPN you use is non-logging, as if they log your data, then it can still be sold. As part of this idea, one may also want to invest in a VPN router. These routers have the VPN of choice loaded onto them so that anyone who connects to your home internet does not provide data to your internet service provider. These services help to shield your identity at home and on the go.


We have your back

At Liberty Lives, we offer comprehensive assessments in all these areas. We also provide VPN Router services.