wE All need to eat

everyone can learn how to grow their own healthy, nutrient rich food

Sustainable and closed systems

The future of healthy food comes from every day individuals. We can restore and regenerate our environments by investing the time and energy into building a decentralized and organic food system. Each of these food systems should be resilient in their own manner, making food shortages a thing of the past. There are many different practices that can be integrated together depending on the space and needs of the individual



Permaculture practices are environmentally conscious practices that aim to create a closed system. Many of these practices involve no-tilling and growing perennial plants to form a food forest. As part of these practices, animal husbandry is integrated as a means of replicating natural environmental occurrences on a micro scale. In performing permaculture practices, individuals help to restore natural resilience to the plants, animals, and soil of that location. 


Aquaponics/ hydroponics

Another tool in the arsenal is aquaponics (and hydroponics to a lesser degree). Aquaponics is the practice of cultivating fish and plants simultaneously in a mutually beneficial system (there are other components like worms and bacteria involved). The waste products of the fish are transformed by the worms and bacteria into nutrients for the fish. These systems can be particularly advantageous for year round growing and can be tailor created to fit the desire location.

WE can help build the future

Our services and expertise are available for anyone interested in beginning their food growing journey. No matter if you have a black thumb or are an expert gardener, we can help you further build out your system in a more resilient manner. We also can provide Non-GMO heirloom seedlings for individuals who have never started plants themselves.