Education is a component of Liberty Lives that should not be quickly overlooked. Fundamentally, every individual can learn something new whether it be a new skill or academic knowledge. Even more important nowadays is ensuring that current and future generations are equipped to think in the world of the future.


The greatest advantage to homeschooling is that the parents of the child have more control over the value system the child creates. Instead of sending the child to a public or private school, where the child is instructed a curriculum that you may have very little knowledge of, you, as a parent, decide what is and is not important for the child to understand/know. Many homeschooling parents incorporate private tutors and e-learning to supplement areas that that they cannot teach.

We help you to develop a curriculum for your children. If you need assistance determining what components of academics your kids may or may not need or if you need help tailoring your curriculum to match topics that your children enjoy, we can offer guidance. 


As part of homeschooling or as a means to supplement missing knowledge that your child is not taught in school, tutoring is a viable solution. Our instructors have years of experience tutoring many individuals in all components of grade school curricula. If you are interested in ESL assistance, we offer services as well.